Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Week 1 on #EDCMOOC

I enrolled in this course kinda late so it was a little bet harder for me to catch up with all the materials. But gotta admit that I've never enjoyed a lecture as much as i enjoyed this one. 

this week's hangouts is here in here on the link below:


I think being able to see the instructors live is diffidently a good touch. It gives a since of Authority and kinda make's the course legit, at least in our minds. But i'm totally against that the instructor or the teacher is the one who's doing all the work. It's like opening up the student's mind and FORCING the information in. But the way in this course is way better. The only job that the instructor does is INSTRUCTING, giving guidance, just simply sending us on the right direction. And then it's up to us to continue and follow the instructions. By giving us the freedom to search and learn in our own pace and our own way, they've done us a great favor. I'm totally digging this style of teaching. 

Best regards and thanks for reading....xoxo  


  1. That's a nicely put reflection! I also enjoy the way the course is taught. I joined EDC MOOC just in time to watch the first hangout and thought it was a great method of reflecting on the week 1 outcomes.

  2. Yeah i thought so too. Your timing is pretty good. The good thing about this hangout is that it pretty much sums all this week materials. It's a good way to catch up with the course.