Tuesday, November 12, 2013


Recently I've been enjoying this MOOC thing which is ( Massive Open Online Courses ). I mean it's not like i just knew about. I've been hearing about online courses a lot but I haven't tried it until recently. Never thought it was that easy and interesting. 

who thought that attending lectures would be this fun. of course when you choose to enroll in a class that you are really interested in, and you really want to learn about, you WILL enjoy and value every second of it. and that is what makes MOOC special. the fact that you are the one who decides, instead of feeling forced to take a class that you have no interest in what so ever; makes you work your best in covering the material needed. 

I really like this being in control thing for I'm a free spirit. I function a lot better when I'm free and having control. 

and this is a really good video that demonstrate what MOOC is really about: 

Best regards and thanks ... xoxo


  1. Hi Alaa!
    I also admire the idea behind the MOOC movement and your thought about choosing an open course in line with one's personal interests are really up my street!
    May I ask what attracted you in EDC MOOC? May be your reasons for joining the course will be similar to my (that was the topic of my first post RE EDC MOOC on edumediahub.blogspot.co.uk).

  2. Hi Liliya...

    Well first of all I'm very interested in technology. I know there is a better way to take advantage of it. Specially in education. And that what attracted me the most in this course.